Artículos en inglés - THE APPRENTICE’S MISRULE

In September 2019, more than five hundred social and non-governmental organizations grouped in three Human Rights platforms presented a report that presented a balance of the first year of President Iván Duque Márquez’s administration. Almost a year later, we have maintained the articulation effort to deliver a second analysis of the Executive’s management, structured in various chapters.

What were the findings of this second year of the Duque Government? in this list you can listen and share it.

The consolidation of the corporate govern
The pandemic of aothoritarianism and impacts on the social state under the rule of law
They won´t hide the truth, nor perpetuate impunity
Duque facing the pandemic: Legislating for the financial sector
Weaving together experiences of rural education
Social measures which sink and the people taking on wáter: balance of the right to wáter in Colombia
Recyclers subjects of special protection from the state under threat
Archipielago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina: Chronic situation and state of emergency of the indigenous raizal people
Basic income: A posible legacy of a pandemic
Military intelligence… and policy
The regime laid bare
Indigenous peoples and prior consultation
The implementation of the Final Agreement to End the Armed conflicto a Build a Stable and lasting peace. IN A CRITICAL STATE, BUT IN DISPUTE
Inclusion of the final agreement to end the armed conflicto and build a lasting and stable peace
Lack of focus on gender: A truncated implementation in Duque's second year
The international cooperation fund for peace and the government´s management of them
The future of the negotiations between the government and the ELN
The deparment of Chocó: Between the COVID 19 pandemic and the structural pandemic of abandonment by the Colombian state
Situation and evolution of the armed conflict in the county of Bojayá
La guajira: a normalised genocide
Antioquia 2018–2020: for their work they are pursued
Duque Government: Ideological approach to relations with Latin America
Colombia´s Borders
The diplomatic blockade of the communities
Colombia in Europe, Europe in Colombia: The international community and support for the final agreement to end armed conflicto and build a stable and lasting